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Double Aeration (1 1/2 times the standard cost to Aerate your Lot Size)

Double Overseeding (twice the standard cost to Overseed your Lot Size)

Application of Premium Organic Fertilizer (NOT a Top-dressing/Compost - this is a granular fertilizer - see Services Page for pricing)
Benefits of Premium Organic Fertilizer
  • * Helps turf maximize water and nutrient uptake and utilization
  • * Provides the organic nutritional energy that stimulates and builds microbial populations for enhanced soil resilience.
  • * Enhances disease and stress tolerances
  • * Ammonium Sulfate for initial color and growth.
  • * Combines multiple nitrogen sources for an excellent sustained feeding that provides outstanding residual color, growth, rooting and turf density.
  • * In short, this fertilizer helps to bring about dark-green grass while helping to improve the condition of the soil. It's a great supplement for your lawn!
Do You Need Overseeding or Double-overseeding?

If your lawn looks more like the lawn on the left, we recommend Overseeding. If your lawn looks more like the lawn on the right, we recommend Double-overseeding.

Aeration or Double-aeration?

We use state-of-the-art machines that produce excellent results with one pass. Double-aeration is simply more of a good thing.

Property Questions

Do you maintain any portion of property that is not technically yours (common grounds, public parkland, etc.) that you wish us to service?      Yes      No

Is any portion of your property difficult to identify as belonging to you (irregularly-shaped lot, ambiguous property lines, etc.)?      Yes      No

Is there anything unique about your property that we should know?      Yes      No

Do you live in a Gated Community?      Yes      No

Do you have an underground sprinkler system?      Yes      No

Do you have an invisible dog fence (buried wire)?      Yes      No


I have a special request regarding scheduling or pricing.

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Terms and Conditions

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